What are the procedures to get hitched during the Consulate?

What are the procedures to get hitched during the Consulate?

  • The potential bride and groom need certainly to appear in person/before the Marriage Officer along side three witnesses with all the UAE residence visas.
  • They should submit the recommended “Notice of Intended Marriage” form duly filled along side a cost of AED 190 in cash. The shape is composed of notice, statement and a sworn affidavit.
  • Recommended format for publication of Notice in paper is offered. (Details below).
  • A night out together for solemnization regarding the wedding is provided 1 month following the book of this Notice and provided no objections are received from any quarter.
  • A prior to the date of solemnization of marriage, original passports of the couple and witnesses are required to be submitted to the Marriage Officer day.
  • The prospective couple along with the three witnesses come to the Consulate for solemnization of the marriage on the scheduled date.
  • Exactly exactly just What papers can be submitted in the Consulate before the wedding?
    • Notice of Intended Marriage
    • 4 present Passport size photos each one of the potential wedding couple
    • Photocopy associated with the passport and UAE residence visa of this wedding couple, whoever can be an Indian nationwide.
    • Photocopy associated with the passports regarding the 3 witnesses having UAE residence visa.
    • The prospective bride and groom and also the 3 witnesses also needs to carry their initial passports for verification at the time of the distribution associated with the Notice.
    • NOC needed from respective moms and dads of groom and bride.
  • Whenever perform some bride that is prospective groom while the witnesses signal papers?
  • This has to be performed during the time of distribution of Notice at the concerned Consulate officer.

    • Just just What formalities should be finished prior to the wedding may be solemnized?
      • Notice in the format that is prescribed become posted in a commonly circulated papers in your home nation, during the host to permanent residence as suggested within the passports of wedding couple, as well as in the UAE.
      • In the event both wedding couple come from exact exact same state in Asia, notice is usually to be published just in one single conventional news paper of the state that is particular
      • The applicants are required to submit the concerned newspapers after the publication of Notice.
    • Just What formalities should be finished ahead of the marriage may be solemnized if a person among the list of potential couple is:

    Maybe maybe Not an Indian?

    • A No-Impediment (singleness) certification will be acquired from their particular Consulate, which must certanly be duly attested because of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Government of UAE.
    • A sworn affidavit attested by the respective Consulate of the non-Indian applicant needs to be submitted in case, where the Consulate does not issue such a certificate.
    • A certification through the Consulate associated with non-Indian stating that is applicant his/her country’s respective law will not prohibit their nationals from marrying international nationals.

    A divorcee?

    A decree of divorce proceedings duly attested by your home Department associated with State that is respective Government Asia, in the event the divorce or separation had occurred in Asia. Just in case breakup has brought spot in UAE, the divorce or separation certificate along side legal interpretation should be attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs & Ministry of Justice, national of UAE.

    A UAE national?

    Wedding of muslins aren’t carried out at CGI.

    • Just exactly just How could be the potential couple informed concerning the date of solemnization of wedding as soon as?

    There is certainly a wait that is mandatory of 30-days after book regarding the Notice into the papers. The couple that is prospective contact the Consulate on any time after book of advertisement to fix up a night out together for solemnization of marriage which can be generally speaking in the Thursday following conclusion of thirty days or any Thursday from then on.

    • Whenever perform some prospective bride and groom while the three witnesses distribute their initial passports?

    They’ve been expected to do that 1 day ahead of the solemnization that is actual of. The passports are returned just after the solemnization along side wedding certification.

    • Whether moms and dads associated with bride that is prospective bridegroom is going to be informed in regards to the distribution of Notice of Intended wedding?

    The bride that is prospective groom really need to get NOC from their moms and dads. If NOC is certainly not gotten, Consulate notifies the moms and dads of this meant wedding giving 1 month time frame.

    • Whether individuals from different religions can marry?

    Yes. Folks from various religions can marry under Indian legislation. If either bride or groom is just a muslim, wedding just isn’t carried out at the Consulate.

    • What’s the legislation under which wedding is solemnized?

    The wedding is solemnized under Foreign Marriage Act 1969.


    1. Notice for intended wedding (4 copies) type, duly filled-in.
    2. Declaration by potential bridegroom and bride(in duplicate by each).
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    4. Sworn affidavit because of the potential bride and bridegroom (in duplicate by each), duly attested by the Indian Consulate.
    5. Four passport that is identical current photographs (by each). A minumum of one associated with the ongoing parties should be for a residence visa associated with the UAE.
    6. Three witnesses (holding residence visa of UAE, two of these should really be Indian nationals) using their initial legitimate passports and passport photocopy.
    7. A no Objection Certificates/Affidavit (in respect of his/her martial status and willingness to marry an Indian) from the concerned Consulate/ Embassy and attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, UAE if one of the parties is not an Indian citizen.
    8. NOC from moms and dads associated with bride that is prospective groom.
    9. All five individuals have to appear prior to the Marriage Officer for signatures using their passport that is original and photocopy both during the time of submission of types as well as enough time of solemnization regarding the wedding. Photocopy of Passports needed just in the right period of distribution of kind.
    10. After distribution of this types, paper ad is usually to be distributed by the people for publication in neighborhood English Newspaper in addition to English Newspaper in India/concerned nation when you look at the host to permanent residence suggested in the passport. The ad should retain the complete text supplied because of the Consulate.

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